What is Image?

What is Image?

Image Is The Impression You Leave On People’s Minds

Your Image is what people remember of you when you aren’t around. An impeccable combination of your ECG – Etiquette, Communication, Grooming - leaves a lasting impression on the other person, long after a meeting gets over. When you meet someone for the first time, you form an impression on them. When you meet them a second time, there’s another impression. Third meeting is another impression. So we have an impression on impression, impression on impression, impression on impression. Over a period of time, these impressions solidify to become your Image. People now react to you based on this Image.

Your Image is what makes people trust you.


What is ECG?


The dictionary meaning of Etiquette is a set of customs and rules for polite behavior, especially among a particular class of people or in particular professions.

However, we define Etiquette as how we treat people. It is an unwritten code of behaviours, designed to ease social interactions in both our personal and business lives. Learning and mastering the rules of etiquette helps one build confidence, engage with others, and progress professionally.


The dictionary meaning of Communication is, “the imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing, or using some other medium of exchange”.

Communication is the means of cultivating and maintaining meaningful relationships with customers and colleagues.


The dictionary meaning of Grooming is, “to do the things that people do to their face, hair, and skin to keep themselves clean and look nice. It also means dressing up appropriately for relevant occasions”.

Including the above definition, for us it is also about self-presentation. The right grooming increases credibility, visibility and trust.

When your self-presentation is credible and consistent for business encounters, it creates a comfort level for discussing business. It tells people they can rely on you for the business they give you and that they have put their trust where it will be nurtured.

What is Business Image?

Every time we meet a person, we create an impression about the person. This impression is created by how you look ie. your Grooming, how you treat others ie. Etiquette and what you say/write and what you don’t say/write ie. Communication. Hence continuous Impressions are created in all our interactions.

Impression after Impression imprints an Image in our subconscious about the person. This image is called BI (Business Image).

Your BI (Business Image) talks your trust quotient to your stakeholders. It creates an intuition about you in the mind of customer and leads in creating trust.

We help you in developing, redefining and managing your BI (Business Image) appropriate to your business and / or profession.