Free Webinar for Women : The Unspoken Secret : Grooming for Career Growth

Free Webinar for Women

Free Webinar for Women : The Unspoken Secret : Grooming for Career Growth

Meet Gayatri.

Gayatri has been working as a Manager for the last 6 years. Gayatri has done her MBA and has a total experience of 15 years. She’s been wanting a promotion. But every year, it’s the same story. She’s denied the promotion. She isn’t happy.

Gayatri is competent. Gayatri works hard. Gayatri ensures datelines are met. And yet, she doesn’t get the promotion she deserves.


Because she hasn’t been able to build Trust.
Trust is built through a well-developed BI (Business Image).

Join our free webinar : Grooming for Career Growth – Women’s Special

This is for women aged 30-60, from all professions – financial advisors, IT techies, teachers, bankers, bakers, accountants, builders, company secretaries, painters, social media experts, chefs, HR professionals, marketing specialists, jewelry designers, operations specialists – if you have a career and a burning desire to grow, this is for you!

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Why attend a Mansi Lal Sawant webinar ?

Mansi Lal Sawant, India’s top BI (Business Image) consultant, has transformed over 10,000 individuals in the last 10 years. Her training is not just informative; it's transformative! Witness yourself attracting bigger, better opportunities with her lucid and jargon-free style!

Don’t believe us?
Have a look at what our participants have to say

Manisha Khetan Satra

Amazing! The ECG theory is not just for business, but for happiness

Gaurav Gujral

Supercharged session! Revealed unique elements we don’t pay attention to

Sridivya Malapaka :

Enthusiastic and engaging session! Learnt many new aspects of business /
professional behaviour

Grooming for social occasions and daily life is different than grooming for career growth.

Join us to learn the art of Grooming for Career Growth.