What Is BI (Business Image) ?

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What Is BI (Business Image) ?

When you meet someone for the first time you form an impression of them. You meet them a second time, there’s another impression. When you meet them a third time, there’s another impression. Everytime you meet the person you form an impression about them. Over a period of time, these impressions solidify, developing their BI (Business Image) in your mind.

It’s a similar process with them. When they meet you the first time, they form an impression about you. when they meet you a second time, there’s another impression. The third meeting has another impression. Over a period of time, these impressions solidify to become your BI (Business Image).

BI (Business Image) is the impression we leave on stakeholders’ minds that helps us seize opportunities.

Your BI (Business Image) talks your Trust quotient to your stakeholders. It creates an intuition about you in their minds.

We help you in developing and re-defining your BI (Business Image) appropriate to your profession.

What Is ECG ?

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What Is ECG ?

Imagine… you’re invited to a conference. As you enter the room, you look at people in the conference. In one glance, you know, who’s the intellectual, who’s the grasper, who’s the networker, who’s the speaker, the social media expert, who’s the organizer, and the like. Within a few seconds, you’ve made up your mind, whom to mingle with, and whom to avoid. All of this happens in a fraction of a second without either they or you saying a word. How does that happen? What does your brain read about them? What is it in them, that tells you about them?
The answer is simple : ECG.
It’s each one’s ECG that tells you what kind of attendee they are.
What is ECG?
ECG stands for Etiquette, Communication, Grooming.

E - Etiquette ( ECG )

Etiquette is the fine art of getting along with people. Good manners means you care about the other person and you want them to be comfortable. Etiquette helps you understand and execute the correct behaviour in any situation. Etiquette brings you respect. Etiquette brings you admiration. Etiquette helps you win Trust.

  • Dining Etiquette
  • Business & Customer Service Etiquette
  • Social Graces
  • International Travel

C - Communication ( ECG )

Communication is needed for three reasons :
1) To influence change
2) To empower people and processes
3) To maintain relationships

Do you know what lies at the heart of Communication? Somewhere in the center of the word Communication, you will see 3 alphabets u-n-i. Look carefully, u comes before i. That’s means everything we say, everything we don’t say, works best when suited to the person in front of us. When your Communication is geared to the person in front of you, you are liked, you are respected. You win Trust. Communication includes :

  • Presentation Skills & Public Speaking
  • Business Communication
  • Body Language
  • Social Media

G - Grooming ( ECG )

Light travels faster than sound. Therefore you’re seen before you’re heard.

The way we present ourselves says a lot about what we want people to think of us. Before that, it says millions about what we think about ourselves. The clothes that you choose to wear speak your competence, performance and potential without you having to speak a word. When your self-presentation is consistent with your profession, it creates a comfort level for discussing business. It builds Trust.

  • Business Formal & Business Casual Dressing
  • Business Colours
  • Accessories & Footwear
  • Self-care