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Rajesh was a SME owner who had a sales team handling sales for his business. Sales was the life lifeblood of Rajesh’s business. Without sales his business would collapse. Rajesh was finding it very difficult to increase his customer base. The customers were more demanding now, the competition was tough, and profit margins were shrinking daily.

As you already know, Rajesh had competitors. Rajesh’s competence and the competitors’ competencies were similar. Rajesh’s price and the competitors’ prices were similar. Rajesh’s delivery time and the competitors’ delivery timelines were similar. Think about it… In this is the scenario why should customers buy from Rajesh and not from the competitors?

Put yourself in Rajesh’s shoes.
You have competitors. Your competence and your competitors’ competencies are similar.
Your price and your competitors’ prices are similar.
Your delivery timeline and your competitors’ delivery timeline are similar.
Why then, should your customer buy from you?

Between you and your competitors, your customer will not go to the cheapest, or the most competent or the fastest. These are a given. Your customer will go the one he/she TRUSTs.

  • How can you develop Trust?
  • Is it easy to develop and maintain Trust?
  • Where does Trust begin?

We’re here to help you develop Trust with your customers. So you have higher sales.

In our signature program, 6 BI Secrets to Pull Customers, we detail factors that build Trust. As you build Trust, you gain more customers. More Trust with more customers means more referral business. Soon your sales cycle will be rotating bringing you more revenues.

Would you like to increase your sales? Would you like to have more orders?

How to give an amazing speech? Public Speaking over the internet

Imagine… you’ve completed your dream project. It’s turned out fantastically! You’re ecstatic about it! Your client asks you to present it on Zoom. You’re a little nervous. You’re lost on how to give it a bang start. Somewhere along the way you see your client losing interest. At times, you couldn’t find the right words to express yourself. Though the talk did happen, your client wasn’t impressed. Your client couldn’t appreciate the heart, blood, and sweat you put into that project. A thought crosses your mind : Alas! Only if I knew how to talk better…

Being on the internet for talks and presentations is now a reality for all of us. You will find yourself losing if you do not know how to talk over the internet.

Worry not, we’re here to help you 😊 we’ll equip you with the nuances of Public Speaking. We’ll cover the skill-set, the tool-set, and the mind-set for you. We’ll equip you with exercises and experience. So you will be a pro. You will be able to win the hearts and minds of those who listen to you. Your customers, bosses, colleagues, network, investors, shareholders, and all other stakeholders will open opportunity doors for you. You will land up with better deals, better projects, and, better financials.

Interested? Would you like to join our Public Speaking training?


In today’s business world, competence is a given. If you desire professional success, you need something beyond competence that will speak your performance and potential.

What if I told you there’s something that can speak your competence, performance and potential without you having to speak a word?!?

What if I told you there’s something that can build Trust with your customers without you having to speak a word?!?

Would you like this to work for you?

The one thing that can speak your competence, performance and potential without you having will speak a word is Business Grooming.

Business Grooming includes professional dressing with the right accessories footwear and self care.

There’s a difference between being well dressed and professionally dressed. A lot many people are well dressed for their professional endeavors, but when opportunities don’t show up, they keep wondering why. When you’re professionally dressed more opportunities walk up to you.

Your Business Grooming should be suitable to your roles, goals, and, occasions. It should be the right combination of line, shape, color, texture, and pattern.

When your Business Grooming is up to the mark, you look professionally stunning. Your confidence soars. Your new confidence increases your happiness. Your happiness radiates your natural beauty. Others see you differently than before. They see the change. They see you in a positive light. You attract respect from those around you. You look good, you feel good.

David J Swartz in his book The Magic of Thinking Big says : remember look important because it helps you think important. Your physical exterior affects your mental interior, how you look on the outside affects how you think and feel on the inside.

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