Entrepreneur Wanting To Increase Sales

The Key To Efficient Commercial Loan Origination

I had started a business in the tours & travel domain nearly six years ago. After the initial struggle, my business started bringing in some money. After a year or two, the company expanded the business from being a domestic travel service provider to conducting international tours. my company had gained some good clientele over the years, but we were just breaking even. This was puzzling as I was working very hard, burning the midnight oil to make it work, and I was completely puzzled why it wasn’t. Furthermore, my competitors were gaining more popularity, which was another setback for My business.  

With competition so high in the industry, and customers getting drawn to whatever strategies other companies were adopting, I knew the business we had so passionately started, was reaching stagnation point. Frustrated, I wanted to give up but another part of me wanted to give it another try. I knew I had to act fast. That’s when I approached MLS-ICS, looking for solutions that would enable business growth.  

After in-depth discussions and an Image Probe to gain a complete understanding of my methods of working with customers, and projection of business, Mansi put together a program for me.  They diagnosed that I lacked Business Etiquette, Communication, and Self Presentation.  

The Program we created for me, addressed the following areas:

Business Etiquette: A lot of attention was paid to Customer Etiquette – how customers like to be treated.  Stress was laid on understanding various business presentation styles with the emphasis on retaining clients by building a strong bond of trust, loyalty, and credibility.

Communication : Tackling the how, when, and what of communicating with clients was essential.  What is seen is what is sold. The why’s and how’s of building visibility for business across social media platforms and traditional platforms were discussed and a road map was prepared for further execution. I and a few other team members were trained to listen to the unspoken by the customers through their Body Language.

Self-Presentation: My self-presentation needed to inspire trust. In this consultation module, they helped me with solutions in Grooming which were: Business Formal & Business Casual outfits, Personal & Business Colors & Self –care.

Happy to share, I utilized the resources acquired from the consultations. I experienced a huge leap in my sagging confidence. I had not only gained insights into the various ways I could bring My business into the forefront, attract and retain clients but also, on how I should focus on execution, which doubled my profits thus surging incomes.

Today, my business is doing very well and I have plans for expansion.  I enjoy an increased client portfolio and an increased profit margin.  There is no stopping for me now.